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Waveguide Speaker Design


Point source horn flat pack kit Update (June 2017): This post initially announced our intention to create a point source horn kit. H08RW 8" Round Waveguide 1" Threaded The Dayton Audio H08RW high frequency waveguide is precision molded fr... A 140° wide horizontal dispersion pattern offers superior off-axis response for the best available crowd coverage. ok,nice one JakeReplyDeleteAdd commentLoad more... navigate here

Home - Contact Us - Advertise - Rules - diyAudio Store - Sponsors - Archive - Privacy Statement - Terms of Service - Top - Opt-out policy vBulletin Optimisation provided by DIY Projects DSE power amp modTL speakersRythmik servo subsPrototypesOpen baffle speakersOmni speakersUnder the hoodFixing TDL speakersBudget speakers uncovered Listening tests Digital active crossover shoot outMiniDSP, DCX modded, DEQXWaveguide/Compression driver comparisonsSelenium D220Ti, What driver are you using? It offers more performance, quality and features than any other horn loaded compression drive in itís price range! http://www.parts-express.com/prv-audio-wg1-3220ti-nd16-compression-driver-waveguide--294-2838

Waveguide Speaker Design

H07E 6" x 6" Elliptical Waveguide 1" Threaded The Dayton Audio H07E high frequency waveguide is precision molded fro... The driver has a novel orange phase plug. In other words, they show what the response would look like if the axial response was ruler flat.

The achilles heel of this speaker appears to be the compression driver, which becomes quite harsh on dynamic material. You can see Andi's canon ... Region B shows a problem - the directivity is no longer contstant but narrows until it reaches 1.6k, then expands again. They are essentially a frequency response plot which measures from on axis right out to 90 degrees.

In D it becomes narrower again and in the top octave (E) it narrows from 60 to 40 degrees. Dayton Audio Plots such as these show problems in the crossover and problems with drivers integrating. The smallest, lightest & loudest driver in its' class! http://www.daytonaudio.com/index.php/loudspeaker-components/loudspeaker-drivers-by-type/waveguides.html From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here!

And I do not see what limits any driver at low levels: Quote: Will they respond well to low power, like SET? Normalised plot: You can see in both plots that it doesn't maintain constant directivity, but around 1.3 - 4.5k it becomes narrow. DT250T-8 1" Titanium Compression Horn Driver Dayton Audio’s DT250T-8 compression driver is a true rear-diaphragm co... I won't comment too much on the woofer because it was used in all of them. 18 Sound XT1086 + Faital Pro compression driver Compression driver: Faital proWaveguide: 18 Sound XT1086Woofer:

Dayton Audio

Depending on how you define mid bass, that may not be a good idea. Audio Tools Audio room ceilings Predicting room modes ► February (18) ► March (12) ► April (13) ► May (13) ► June (2) ► July (10) ► August (10) ► September Waveguide Speaker Design I've heard these drivers sound effortless due to their ability to play loud, but I feel I could only take advantage of this by forcing them to cross low. Parts Express The sound was smoother and had less bite.

The advantages are... Blogs Recent Entries Best Entries Best Blogs Blog List Search Blogs Home > Forums > Loudspeakers > Multi-Way Compression drivers/waveguides for home HiFi User Name Stay logged in? From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here! Strontium magnet with undercut pole piece which improves magnetic focus, 350Hz flare rate throat, low mass Aluminum voice coil wire for improved high frequency response and a Quasi-3 slot circumferential Phasing

It appeared to have a diffraction slot at the throat, then it transitions to an elliptical mouth. The crossovers were all done by Andi with MiniDSP and a level of phase correction was applied on the spot. This plot features an open baffle mid and a dome tweeter. his comment is here Diffuser panels: why you need them and how to make your own An acoustic diffuser is generally more difficult to design and build, hence more expensive.

Need Help? Made in Italy.WG101Specifications:• Throat diameter: 1" • Driver mounting: 2-bolt • Recommended minimum crossover point: 1,600 Hz • Overall dimensions: 4.81" H x 3.86" W x 4.33" D, Cutout: See Manuals/Resources The 16 ohm impedance makes it easy to wire multiples for more output.

Usually you are looking at at least 10db depending of the sensitivity of the midbass driver.

It is a1" compression horn driver that is built using a dome ketone polymer dome diaphragm for an impressively flat frequency response from 1,500 Hz to 18,000 Hz, without sacrificing sensitivity.A The first is a narrowing around 4.7k. The patented WaveGuide A-700 is the latest generation of the USD Audio A series WaveGuides, used in IASCA Championship winning systems longer than any other Horn Loaded compression driver in the Powered by Blogger.

Range - 500Hz to 20kHz 118dB SPL w/ Plane Wave Tube Super Efficient w/ High Power Handling Available in 8 only Item Price: $159.95 4555 4555 1.5" High Frequency Driver 80 D250P-8 1" Polyimide Compression Horn Driver 8 Ohm The Dayton Audio D250P-8 compression driver features a polyimide diaph... H6512 6-1/2" x 12" Waveguide 1" Threaded The Dayton Audio H6512 high frequency waveguide is precision molded fr... weblink Depends on how much padding you have to do and if there will be any passive compensation for the waveguide.