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Compression Driver Vs Bullet Tweeter


All early tweeters were actually compression drivers that had stiff phenolic or aluminum diaphragms loaded on a horn. WHY NOT CROSS AT 1200 HZ WHICH MIGHT BE NEAR TO MID DRIVER OFF AXIS -6DB DOWNPOINT GIVING YOU A SMOOTH CROSSOVER TRANSITION. Compression drivers, on the other hand, can have very controllable polar patterns and frequency response characteristics depending upon the type of horn they are coupled to. Woofers required a large cone area with large voice coils to handle power and produce high output. navigate here

i can just remove the horn, but i hate to do that, because i may use this cabinet as a stand alone at some gigs, so i would like to have Speakers need amplifiers, so learn more about home theater receivers here. The process results in a prestressed device with significantly improved performance. When signal current is passed it starts oscillating in the plane of the diaphragm with folds contracting and expanding and thus squeezing air in and out. https://www.sweetwater.com/insync/piezo-versus-compression-driver/

Compression Driver Vs Bullet Tweeter

Signal current passing through the diaphragm makes it vibrate. However, one of my mates suggested tearing out the tweeter and replacing it with a compression driver. Listened to them a bit and were sold on them , but here is the thing, nowhere on the internet could i find a decent write-up on them ! While it has clear benefits, it also introduces additional dampening and potential long-term issues related to fluid thickening, and many top designs avoid ferrofluid.

The diaphragm is extremely light and responsive, it uses voltage instead of current and it does not produce heat. As Bill has pointed out it is probably more to do with implementation than any inherent problem with the piezos. The Journal of the Audio Engineering Society. 25: 573–585. Compression Driver Car Audio Horns and compression drivers are used in virtually all high power PA applications for these reasons.

LOL, as good as this information is, I still think that piezos deserve their own Fan Club. 7th April 2002, 12:01 AM #7 planet10 frugal-phile(tm) diyAudio Moderator Contents 1 History 2 Compression driver protection 3 References 4 External links History[edit] In 1924 Hanna, C. Planar ribbon tweeters do not require any matching transformers or wall outlet power. have a peek at this web-site Wal Mk2 EKO Florence Acoustic Hamer USA Chaparral B12L 12 string Warmoth 8 string Explorer Status Graphite John Entwistle Buzzard Alembic Stanley Clarke Signature Standard Sansamp PSA 1.1 Yamaha P5000S Behringer

more than one speaker can cover a frequency range), the anomalies in tweeter dispersion and frequency response can cause objectionable phase cancellation and comb filtering when multiple devices are used together.Compression Midrange Compression Driver To compensate, speakers had to have high sensitivity to deliver useful sound levels. And there has always been the pursuit of clarity and resolution, which has led to expensive and exotic designs. The main choices are: 12/10" Mid cone + 1" Compression driver 15/12" Mid/bass cone + 2" compression driver + Bullet tweeters 15/12" Mid/bass cone + 8/6" High mid cone + 1"

Compression Driver Vs Dome Tweeter

Give us a call (800) 222-4700 Español: (800) 222-4701 Fax: (260) 432-1758 Email us Sweetwater 5501 U.S. find more In planar ribbon tweeters, a thin diaphragm consisting of foil/film laminate with etched flat conductors is stretched and positioned between high-energy magnetic systems. Compression Driver Vs Bullet Tweeter Will they ever reach close to a par with voice coils in tweeter applications? Compression Driver Horn Traditionnal tweeter motors, on the other hand, are extremely sensitive, and take very unkindly to bass or mid frequencies, which 'pop' them almost immediately.

The stators are made of a perforated metal coated with an insulating layer, and an extra high voltage (EHT) source creates a bias voltage between diaphragm and stators. check over here DOING THIS IS EASIER THAN POWERING A READY MADE COMPRESSION DRIVER AND HORN, CROSSING IT OVER AND EQING CORRECTLY? It's the entire package responsible for its sounding bad, not the tweeters. Some compression drivers develop so much pressure at the throat of the horn that nonlinearities in the compression of the air are introduced. Compression Driver Horn Design

The recommended resistor is to help protect the amplifier from oscillating due to the raw capacitance that is a piezo driver. Dubbed THUNDER, for Thin-Layer Composite-Unimorph Piezoelectric Driver and Sensor, its potential applications could be applied in electronics, optics, jitter (irregular motion) suppression, noise cancellation, pumps, valves and a variety of other Compression drivers, on the other hand, can have very controllable polar patterns and frequency response characteristics depending upon the type of horn they are coupled to. http://fallbrookpcusersgroup.org/compression-driver/piezo-tweeter-vs-compression-driver.html It's certainly possible, although there are a fair number of factors involved.

They also offer high sensitivity up to 103dB/1m/1W with some pro devices, and they can be made small without sacrificing output. Compression Driver Protection When I changed to compression drivers, I noticed a real difference in clarity and wouldn't buy speakers fitted with piezo's now. Cheers bull1905-03-2003, 11:04 AM24 and 21 inch are only suitable for sub bass [15-250hz] 18 inch are suitable for sub bass and bass [20-350hz] 15 inch are suitable for bass and

There isn't even a small diaphragm like in electrostatic or ribbon speakers, the response is immediate and there is no distortion related to mechanical or electromagnetic components.

They are much less expensive to build and to most people's ears sound better at the typical close listening distances used in near field monitoring. Like a tweeter. Langley has competed in the program for 27 years and has earned 31 awards. Best Compression Driver speekergeek Multi-Way 1 12th December 2003 02:31 AM blown voice coil krimet420 Multi-Way 3 10th December 2003 02:30 PM New To Site?

Yes, you _can_ use them without a crossover, but just because you can get away with it, does not mean it is optimal. Qualified CE Pro’s get a FREE subscription which includes a FREE listing in the Electronic House installers directory so that you can be found by our audience of homeowners looking to Maybe by using a parallel resistor? weblink I usually put a 0.1 mfd cap in series with them as well as a 10-20 ohm resistor.

They are the BEYMA C550, are they any good? Nov 1, 2007 #9 billfitzmaurice Commercial User Sep 15, 2004 New Hampshire Owner, Bill Fitzmaurice Loudspeaker Design koobie said: ↑ I can't say I dislike all piezos I've heard, but probably They produce transparent, natural sound and are relatively easy to manufacture at a reasonable cost. LOL, the first letters of "Thin-Layer Composite-Unimorph Piezoelectric Driver and Sensor" don't spell THUNDER, but who's complaining?

Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization. SHIT IN SHIT OUT. Wolverinebass, on 27 November 2011 - 10:56 PM, said:...secondly is it worth it?... They are the BEYMA C550, are they any good?

First, they need external high voltage supplies that plug into wall outlets.