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Compaq Presario 1255 Display Drivers

Use the drivers at the link, the normal 1938 drivers will not work. Submitted ByMichael Mattsson DateWed Jun 9 21:27:37 EDT 1999 ManufacturerCompaq TypeVideo Adapters Model Driver Name SiS530vdrv.zip OSWindows 95 & Windows 98 Locationhttp://www.driverguide.com/uploads/uploads2/2217.html CommentsFor use on Compaq Presario 5000 seriescomputers using the The audio of the Cyrix Media GX set doesn't work propert using the drivers that can be found on this page. Date[emailprotected]:DATE:Sun May 28 17 ManufacturerNeoMagic TypeMonitors Model Compag Presario 1255 Driver Name Setupex.exe OSWindows 98 Locationhttp://www2.driverguide.com/uploads/uploads6/14017.html Comments[FCCID=MagicGraph128XD] Click om "Setupex" and follow the instructions Submitted ByGerrit Roest DateMon May 29 16:49:12 have a peek here

Submitted ByRobert Parnell DateMon Jun 14 00:06:54 EDT 1999 ManufacturerCompaq TypeModems Model Driver Name modem2110.zip OSWindows 95 Locationhttp://www.driverguide.com/uploads/uploads2/2339.html Comments[FCCID=Presario 2110] Este driver funciona bien con el modem-Probado- Submitted ByPowell DateTue Jun Anyway, no more pulling of hair, here it is....... Submitted ByCaptain Zero DateSun Dec 19 13:51:48 EST 1999 ManufacturerCompaq TypeVideo Adapters Model Driver Name soundwin.exe OSWindows 95 Locationhttp://www.driverguide.com/uploads/uploads4/1530.html CommentsPresario Serie 2100, 2110 Submitted ByJason Grant DateThu Dec 23 19:34:27 EST Once Windows 9x(tm) reads the *.inf file in this driver set, the modem will be displayed properly.

Rardin Sr. Just unzip the files and run the setup.exe. Wahey! Submitted ByD.

Submitted ByKlaudiusz Szozda DateFri Jan 15 02:18:43 EST 1999 ManufacturerCompaq TypeVideo Adapters Model Presario 1681 Driver Name nm2160_nt4.zip OSWindows NT Locationhttp://www.driverguide.com/uploads/453.html CommentsThis driver is the same driver that Toshiba uses on Now, I have a Compaq Presario 4640, it used to have the 56K-DF modem installed before I changed it. This is the Quick Restore boot disk. gvc made this compaq modem Submitted Bydave styres DateSun Jun 4 10:59:00 EDT 2000 ManufacturerCompaq TypeSound Cards Model VIA Audioa Controller A08248 , Compaq 1200 xl106 Driver Name 98sound.exe OSWindows 98

Submitted ByBrian C. There's many different versions of this driver of which none have worked for me up to now. THE SETUP FILE WILL DETECT THIS MODEM IF NOT GOTO www.808hi.com/56k/ltwin.htm#firmware .... Click and browse to the directory where you extracted the inf.zip file.

well, I have an old friend who use to work for Compaq and he sent me this driver through e-mail. DateMon Jan 25 20:52:37 EST 1999 ManufacturerCompaq TypeSound Cards Model Presario 1681 Driver Name ess188x_nt4.zip OSWindows NT Locationhttp://www.driverguide.com/uploads/454.html CommentsYou can use this driver which is the same driver as the Toshiba Submitted ByMark Connor DateMon May 8 00:04:01 EDT 2000 ManufacturerCompaq TypeSound Cards Model Compaq Presario 5304 Driver Name Compaq Audio.zip OSWindows 95 & Windows 98 Locationhttp://www2.driverguide.com/uploads/uploads6/11015.html CommentsPresario 5304, Couldn't find these I just downloaded it and ran the setup and it did the rest.

One thing I did have to do to make it work is to double click on the *.reg files and let it update the registry then restart the computor. http://www.video-drivers.com/companies/236.htm This one comes directly from synaptec and works even better than the one provided bij Compaq. This keyboard includes the Easy Access buttons on the keyboard rather than on the computer.An Internet Button Suite is located in the upper-right corner of the keyboard, and Multimedia, Power Management, Hope it helps.

Submitted ByScott DateSun Jul 4 23:03:44 EDT 1999 ManufacturerCompaq TypeModems Model Driver Name compaq56.zip OSWindows 95 & Windows 98 Locationhttp://www.driverguide.com/uploads/uploads2/3912.html CommentsI decided to install a full version win98 on a compaq navigate here Follow the instructions to create the driver disk. The necessary gx*.* files that are missing from the GX drivers are included in the zip. Submitted ByJohnny Cuba DateWed Nov 25 13:14:31 EST 1998 ManufacturerCompaq TypeBios Model PRESARIO 7220 Driver Name OSDOS Locationhttp:// CommentsBIOS DRIVERS Submitted ByALEX DateWed Dec 2 18:04:21 EST 1998 ManufacturerCompaq TypeBios Model

This is a ISA Modem (soft - PNP). Savage4-32bit V8.10.33.1 driverS3_Savage4_98.zip [more] Windows 98SE Presario 7470 driverw2k1030.zip [more] Windows 2000 Presario 7470 driverSP15767.exe [more] Windows 98SE Presario 5000_5UVME2 driver139332s3logoIShld.zip [more] Open the *.exe install it then reboot, Windows will detect an unknown monitor and built a driver database. http://fallbrookpcusersgroup.org/compaq-presario/compaq-presario-1255-drivers.html Submitted ByNetJammer DateFri Oct 8 16:35:00 EDT 1999 ManufacturerCompaq TypeVideo Adapters Model Presario 2210 Driver Name Presario2210Video.zip OSWindows 95 Locationhttp://www.driverguide.com/uploads/uploads3/1507.html Comments[FCCID=292502-334] This is a workaround based on the Cyrix GX drivers.

It is the DOS driver and works in the Compaq Presario CDS520 Machine. All you have to do is remove the troubled device from your device manager (click on start, setting, control panel, system), restart your computer, it should find an unknown device, it Submitted ByJOHN LABYACK DateSun Feb 27 21:06:56 EST 2000 ManufacturerNeoMagic TypeVideo Adapters Model compaq presario 1245 Driver Name cpq33697.inf OSWindows 98 Locationhttp://www.driverguide.com/uploads/uploads5/4612.html Comments[FCCID=128xd] Submitted Bypeter searle DateFri Mar 17 02:17:04 EST

Driver files firmware updates and manuals presented here is the property of their respectful owners.

There should then be a setup program in c \hcldrv\Compaq Presario 56K-DF Modem\Run the setup program.This will probably work with any of the laptops with the 56K-DF or DFi modem. Submitted ByMark Stone DateWed Mar 8 15:47:14 EST 2000 ManufacturerCompaq TypeSound Cards Model 1200 series Driver Name es1869.zip OSWindows NT Locationhttp://www2.driverguide.com/uploads/uploads6/2514.html CommentsNT4 audio driver for Presario 1200 series. Submitted ByCharlie DateThu Sep 23 18:12:50 EDT 1999 ManufacturerNeoMagic TypeVideo Adapters Model 2097 Driver Name sp6507 OSWindows 95 & Windows 98 Locationhttp:// CommentsThis driver is for Compaq Presario 1200 series laptops. I figured if anyone is having trouble with your Presario 2120 drivers, this could help you.

Some files at Helpjet.net could be packed with winzip or winrar software. Select ADT 3D Rage AGP as the display type when you select the display type. Submitted ByPabs DateWed Sep 29 07:33:57 EDT 1999 ManufacturerESS Technologies TypeSound Cards Model ESS 1869 Driver Name 18691317.zip OSWindows 98 Locationhttp://www.driverguide.com/uploads/uploads2/13805.html CommentsIF YOU OWN A COMPAQ PRESARIO 1255 MODEL NOTEBOOK AND this contact form This release resolves the infrequent "DRIVE NOT READY" error message.HOW TO USE 1.

Scroll down through the monitors box and select the Presario MV400 (If that is your monitor of course.) click ok and wait a minute. Johnson DateFri Jun 9 18:32:07 EDT 2000 ManufacturerCompaq TypeModems Model Presario 336-VSC Driver Name DRIVER OSOS Locationhttp://LOCHTTP CommentsCOMMENT Submitted ByBY DateDATE:Fri Jun 9 18:36 ManufacturerCompaq TypeModems Model compaq 56k-df Driver Name Obtain a formatted 1.44 MB diskette.2. I have it working on a 1234.

Home pageAboutRequest driverPrivacy policyLink to usContact usBack to top 7 Jun 2017 Home Companies Scan Search Compaq Video Drivers Download Compaq Video Drivers - 214 drivers found Filter: Show All there seems to be some misunderstanding about conexant...they make chips..not the modems...they do not supply the drivers..the modem maker supplys the drivers!!!! Thanks to Driverguide and other users on the net. Submitted ByJOHN LABYACK DateFri Feb 4 23:35:55 EST 2000 ManufacturerCompaq TypeSound Cards Model PRESARIO 1200 LAPTOPS Driver Name SOUND CARD.zip OSWindows 98 Locationhttp://www.driverguide.com/uploads/uploads4/8083.html CommentsTHIS FILE IS FOR THE VIA CHIP SET.ALSO

All files and other materials presented here can be downloaded for free. This file only contains drivers that came with your Presario 2120. (The modem and video drivers should be in here) Submitted ByTrent DateThu Jul 1 10:48:34 EDT 1999 ManufacturerCompaq TypeModems Model Submitted ByKansas DateFri Feb 25 03:31:50 EST 2000 ManufacturerCompaq TypeOther Model Compaq Presario 1277 Touch pad drivers Driver Name Laptop Touch Pad Drivers.zip OSWindows 98 Locationhttp://www.driverguide.com/uploads/uploads5/3605.html CommentsThis driver/program worked on my Compaq Submitted ByStevie DateFri Mar 26 08:29:22 EST 1999 ManufacturerCompaq TypeModems Model 1255 Driver Name OSWindows 95 & Windows 98 Locationhttp://compaq.com Commentscompaq presario 56k-df Submitted Bycwkim DateTue Mar 30 02:31:23 EST

I downloaded it from Compaq's sofpaq web site after much searching.Just click on it and then re-boot. I have it working on a 1234 Submitted BySam Kenendy DateThu Mar 9 09:45:12 EST 2000 ManufacturerCompaq TypeVideo Adapters Model 1200 series Driver Name neomagic128xd.zip OSWindows NT Locationhttp://www2.driverguide.com/uploads/uploads6/2515.html CommentsNT4 driver for Submitted ByPabs DateWed Sep 29 08:04:34 EDT 1999 ManufacturerCompaq TypeModems Model 56 k Driver Name Vmm32.o20 OSWindows 95 Locationhttp://www.driverguide.com/uploads/uploads2/14477.html Comments[FCCID=presario 2240] Submitted Byalex boocock DateSun Oct 3 15:43:07 EDT 1999 ManufacturerLucent Be attentive to download software for your operating system.Update your missed drivers automatically with DriverScanner 2016 software.

DateMon Sep 27 23:32:39 EDT 1999 ManufacturerESS Technologies TypeSound Cards Model ESS 1869 Driver Name 18691317.zip OSWindows 98 Locationhttp://www.driverguide.com/uploads/uploads2/13797.html CommentsHERE IT IS PEOPLE!!I searched all over the net for this particular support, Compaq does not support NT on Presario and they couldn't tell me what model Solo PCI card was installed... well, I have an old friend who use to work for Compaq and he sent me this driver through e-mail. Just loaded in a modified Windows 98 startup disk and now able to load W98 from CD Rom.

So far I've not managed to find any driver for Windows NT 4, so those with NT will have to dual-boot Win '95 -( Submitted ByEsko Vatanen DateMon Dec 13 02:37:45 Good luck!