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Compaq Ipaq 3835 Drivers

For those that are interested, I cracked the case on my 3835 today, and here are some pictures of what’s inside:    It’s always fun to see how much an electronics The larger one connects to expansion packs. This looks a little fragile, like it could break off if undue pressure were applied to it, such as if you jammed it onto the cradle at an odd angle, so Review of the Compaq iPaq 3800 Series: H3830, H3835, H3850, H3870, H3875 Search [cdihechej] Previous Next Xoc Software Training RVBA Conventions Maya Calendar Program Company Information Tools ASP.NET have a peek here

When your PDA is fully charged, it will glow solid amber. If you put the iPaq into the mode to respond to the light sensor and adjust the frontlight, the calibration seems to be off. Julie and I debated back and forth whether we should get the 3850, or the 3870; the 3870 comes with integrated Bluetooth™ for $50 more, and that is the only difference Two settings on the cable allow you to either sync to a laptop, or recharge the iPaq using the 5 volts that USB puts out. http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/readIndex?sp4ts.oid=95879

Here are a list of the iPAQ 3850’s specifications, taken directly from theCompaq website. A firm press on this will turn on or off the iPaq. I thought I would try to keep my options open, and I thought that I might even possibly start over with a new PDA.

The standard interface for Pocket Windows can be replaced with an aftermarket tool called the WIS Bar. I've used the iPaq screen as a flashlight on several occasions, even at this lowest setting. From what I understand, the difference in numbers just denotes that the 3835 was purchased online, versus a 3850 like you would find in a brick and mortar store. The stylus has a holder in the top right of the unit.

I sometimes wonder whether it will show wear marks over the long haul, but I haven't noticed any so far. The adapters also contain an additional rechargable battery, since PC Cards tend to draw a lot of power. Evidently, Compaq has managed to seal the iPAQ’s screen adequately. We both wound up ordering from Amazon. (By the way, if you use this link to purchase one, you will be helping to support our site!) So here I am one

There are miscellaneous controls around the perimeter of the iPaq. The makes the interface much nicer. It is slightly recessed, to prevent accidental activation. Amazingly enough, when weighed without styli or expansion cards, the 3835 actually weighs slightly less than the 3670!

There is also an active Bluetooth LED slash-like indicator that makes up the left side of the hump, but unless you have the 3870, you will most likely never see that It easily fits in a small hand. Did my unit have any? It also has a connector to either the serial or USB port.

Julie would call this tactile feedback, and the 3800 series definitely has it. navigate here There is also a contortionistic thing you can do to perform a hard-reset. It is brushed aluminum that feels cool to the skin. Oh, it’s true – I have flirted with other PDAs, but when asked who my true love was, I would quickly answer that it was the iPAQ in one of its

When the Pocket PC 2002 operating system came out at the end of this summer, I knew that big hardware changes would be appearing from all of the different Pocket PC The speaker has been moved from the joy-pad to the top of the PDA. You carefully smooth it on with something like a credit card. Check This Out When you slide the iPaq with an expansion pack or protective cover into the cradle, it pushes these back down until they click in a locked postion.

The screen size is 240x320, so one quarter of the smallest screen resolution you would typically find on a desktop machine, and far, far smaller than most screen resolutions you'd find Operating the iPaq The iPaq boots the PocketPC 2002 operating system. Hardware Specifications: What a difference a redesign makes!

With a set of earphones, the playback is quite good to my admittedly uncritical ears.

It releases by pushing in on it. I found a travel cable after-market that is much better. If it is blinking, it is still charging. Otherwise, it seems to work fairly well on a variety of web sites.

I have found that the center press button, though, is difficult to activate correctly, as you frequently press just a little off-center and rock it to one of the other directions. Web site to update components: Support Files Review of the Hardware by Xoc The Compaq iPaq 3850 and 3870 are my first PDAs, so I don't have any comparitive experience. Retail Packaging SKU 230397-002 3850 64MB SDRAM No Bluetooth U.S. http://fallbrookpcusersgroup.org/compaq-ipaq/compaq-ipaq-h3800-drivers.html This cable saves having to carry the cradle and wall-wart on trips.

I strongly suggest getting the screen protectors that are available after-market. To use a CF slot, you must attach the iPaq to an expansion pack. Getting rid of the previous entries so that I can name the iPaq the same as what I named it before required some extensive registry editing. There is also a blue light on the left.

There is a standard mini-jack at the top of the unit, symetrically opposite the pen storage hole. When charging, this light will blink amber. The fact of the matter is that the Compaq iPAQ and I have enjoyed a love affair that has lasted almost a year. Then there was the fact that in order to add any kind of storage media, I had to add the additional bulk of a sleeve.

I am going to assume (which is always dangerous) that most of you reading this are somewhat familiar with most of the new features that Pocket PC 2002 offers, and therefore They are sized to exactly fit the iPaq screen. The flap on the unit can be changed to open to the right instead of the left, for left-handed operators. It gave a bit, and I heard definite creaking.

The iPAQ 3800 series screen is still top-notch for viewing when outside in direct sunlight, but now it is even better when you are indoors. Not only does it house the re-positioned speaker; it also holds the power button, the microphone, and the ambient light sensor. You can press in the hole with the tip of the stylus. There is a plastic protective case that it slides into with a transparent front cover to protect it.

Not only was the screen supposedly sealed to keep out dust, but the multi-press button issue had been solved. I already had a 2GB Datapak PCMCIA card and a 512MB CF card. Warranty: 1-year limited Helping me to make my decision was the fact that I kept hearing rumors stating that the problems that had plagued my prior iPAQs were a thing of One of the first things you notice about the iPaq is the bright color screen. 64K color, frontlit.

To add a little bit of sugar to an already sweetpackage; the new iPAQ was to come with a longer-life battery and a built in SD card. Since it had already been installed on the previous hard disk, its copy protect scheme refused to register it without calling Microsoft. There are one and two slot PC Card (PCMCIA) slots.