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Finally, unplug the three mini two-pin connectors, shown in the photograph; one above the memory, and the two close to the top center power button. Be attentive to download software for your operating system.Update your missed drivers automatically with DriverScanner 2016 software. Now, if it doesn't want to even come that, I suppose the edge of the ribbon cable might possibly be caught on the edge of where the tabs hook in - From my measurements, there's enough clearance for up to a 12.5mm thick drive to be installed in the carrier, but mine came with a 9.5mm drive factory installed, it appears. have a peek at this web-site

For 128MB modules (although I strongly recommend a 256MB module), the following should work: 16Meg x 64, eight chips (four per side), and 16x8 -type chips. The trouble area connector is this small "CN300" connector, which plugs into the socket immediately above the memory. When the keyboard pops free, you need to get at the ribbon cable. To get the memory out, you release the two metal clips on the sides holding it in, pop it up at a shallow angle, and remove it.

UltraATA/33, with no other variables. Join the community here, it only takes a minute. Compaq Armada 1750 - Laptop Upgrade, Disassembly & Repair Disassembly Photo Gallery This is a reliable, rugged little computer, but sometimes things get loose inside.

Be careful; do not unplug the CMOS battery at the lower right (unless you don't mind losing your CMOS settings). That helps support the motherboard, and push it up into the connector, so everything stays together and keeps working. Some computer parts may have high voltages in them; in this case you should be safe as long as you stick to the lower part of the computer. You may be able to find better deals with more searching, or used memory.

But you can click on the news heading to read only this article. People have this laptop running with 30GB (unknown model), 18GB (from a Dell 3800 laptop), and 40GB* (Seagate Momentus) 2.5" 44-pin parallel ATA laptop HDDs without any problem, and I suspect I don't advise using any sharp tools around this area, of course."   Hard Drive Upgrade From an e-mail I sent: That's an interesting observation about the hard drive. http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/display-driver-for-compaq-armada-1750.9275/ Compaq claims the maximum memory this computer can take is 192MB; however I've been communicating with Chris of iamachine.com, and he has it working with 320MB of RAM (the 64MB of

for random access) should be unaffected. * - (contributed by Ryx) StorageReview.com has explored the effects of slower interfaces on drive performance, as well as directly comparing UltraATA/66 vs. Take the wire out of its channel so you can lift the top clear. Possible methods for solving the issue: in the past, I always just plugged it back in, making sure it was snugged down, but it would invariably work loose again. Remove the battery and the floppy drive (the floppy is secured by a screw) so you can get at the screws in the bay openings.

This next step is very delicate, so be cautious and do not accidentally jerk the ribbon keyboard cable with its fragile connector that connects the keyboard to the laptop. Although the interface is UltraDMA/33, newer drives (such as UDMA/66 or higher) are backwards-compatible with the 33MB/sec interface. Generally, laptop repair is not for the faint-hearted. Set the screen and upper portion of the laptop aside.

When booting up the message error loading explorer.exe. Check This Out On the Part Detail page, it looks like it has 4 chips to a side; however, that is a stock photo. Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram Subscribe to TechSpot RSS Get our weekly newsletter Search TechSpot Trending Hardware The Web Culture Mobile Gaming Apple Microsoft Google Reviews Graphics Laptops Smartphones CPUs Storage Cases Remove the screws from the bottom holes indicated with arrows on the laptop.

Check this thread on HardwareAnalysis.com with suggestions to fix this problem (some people suggest using silver cleaner/tarnish remover). Make sure the indentations on the side of the SO-DIMM line up with the clips properly, and don't force it.   Keyboard Removal, Detailed Procedure From an e-mail I sent: "On The HDD panel/door has a foam pad on it that should make up for any height difference between 9.5mm and 12.5mm drives, assuming yours has one as well. Source I'm using the w2k_5058 driver on my Windows 2000 installation, and it's remarkable - actually fast enough to play most smaller video files (and I haven't even upgraded the CPU yet,

Note: If you have a problem with the white data connector, such as the screen going white while you're using the computer, it could be the silver contacts tarnishing. Here is what the KTC311/256LP should look like. Download Compaq Armada 1750 Notebook Drivers for all Windows Operating Systems,Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7.

I haven't actually upgraded the drive in mine (although some other Armada 1750 owners have e-mailed me with successes; see next paragraph), but it looks like you'll be fine fitting an

I prefer not to loose my information. It also exposes the memory, so you may be able to rotate the keyboard up to 30 degrees CCW to give yourself enough room to work. Searching on Google for "Compaq Armada 1750 256MB" I quickly turned up a $70USD SO-DIMM that meets the afore-stated requirements. Then you can slide it a ways closer to you; but be careful to leave some slack in the ribbon; you don't want to yank it out.

Remove the EMI shield as shown in the animation to the right. In addition, 256MB modules must meet the following specifications: 32Meg x 64 stated capacity (32Meg x 72 may also work) Sixteen chips on one SODIMM (eight per side, but make sure However, although it might be an issue in (much) faster computers, what it boils down to is that UltraATA/33 should be more than fast enough for any application the Compaq Armada have a peek here If in doubt, Kingston offers a 256MB SO-DIMM that should be compatible with this laptop.

Ask a question and give support. Hold the top and bottom portions together as you turn the laptop back over, then gently see if the lid will come off. In the picture (right), the hinge cover has been removed. You may also have to remove a couple of screws from the back.

The standoff (see 52 and 53.jpg) was a small cork for wine & vinegar bottles I got at the hardware store, cut to the proper height, erring on the side of It may be necessary to do that to permanently fix the problem. Some new laptop drives (as of early 2006) can reach sequential transfer rates in excess of 33MB/sec (such as the Hitachi 7K100, for example); these drives will still work on the Compaq Armada 1750 Laptop Upgrade, Repair & Disassembly Table of Contents Memory Upgrade Keyboard Removal Hard Disk Upgrade Disassembly/Repair Backlight Issue Fix Reassembly Gallery FAQs Disclaimer Drivers & Downloads Overclocking &

Superior video card drivers are available for the laptop under 98/ME/2000/XP. This guide assumes some familiarity in working with computers.